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Salt Varieties. Learn all about the different types of salt for cooking.
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Salt Varieties


Salt has been used for thousands of years not only as a condiment, but also to preserve foods. Learn all about the different varieties and types of salt used in cooking.

Prime Rib Roast Recipe: Tender and juicy using only four ingredients and a simple method.
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Prime Rib Roast Recipe


Prime Rib Roast is the perfect spotlight dish for any special occasion. Using only four basic ingredients, you will be able to master this spectacular roast, no matter your experience level in the kitchen.

Orange Ginger Chicken Recipe: A simple sauce of orange juice, honey, and ginger elevate chicken to a new level of flavor.
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Orange Ginger Chicken Recipe


Orange Ginger Chicken is a delightfully different entree that will please family and guests alike. A simple sauce made with orange juice, honey, and fresh ginger adds sparkling flavor to the lowly chicken thigh.

Chocolate Dipped Crescent Hearts are buttery cookies that begin with crescent rolls.
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Chocolate Dipped Crescent Hearts Recipe


Chocolate Dipped Crescent Hearts are not only good for Valentine’s Day. You’ll want to keep this recipe on hand for any occasion. These cookies begin with refrigerated crescent rolls.

Herb Glazed Cornish Hens with herbed pasta is an elegant, easy meal for one or two.
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Herb Glazed Cornish Hens Recipe


Herb Glazed Cornish Hens are an economical and elegant way to get four dinners from two game hens. Herbed pasta recipe also included.

Chicken Mozzarella Recipe
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Chicken Mozzarella Recipe


Family favorite Chicken Mozzarella is a simple variation on Chicken Parmesan. Chicken breasts are breaded, browned, topped with herbs, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese, then quickly finished in the oven.

Hearty Chicken Soup is so easy to make with a few basic ingredients.
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Hearty Chicken Soup Recipe


Made from scratch, this hearty chicken soup with noodles is a favorite comfort food. Incredible flavor from a few basic ingredients.

Albondigas Soup (Mexican Meatball Soup) is an easy, tasty Southwest favorite.
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Albondigas Soup Recipe


Albondigas Soup (also known as Mexican Meatball Soup) is a hearty Southwestern favorite that can stand on its own as a meal. Ground beef and sausage meatballs are simmered in a tomato and chile beef broth base.