Kaleidoscope Salad Recipe

Kaleidoscope Salad Recipe

 The spiralizer is a popular kitchen tool these days, and this gorgeous colorful salad makes good use of it. The homemade dressing boasts tangy citrus flavors with a hint of sweetness. This is a delight for those on paleo and vegetarian diets, yet will appeal to all palates. Instructions are also included on how to… Continue reading Kaleidoscope Salad Recipe

Creamy Quinoa Pilaf Recipe – A Lower-Carb Side Dish

Creamy Quinoa Pilaf Recipe

 Quinoa, along with kale, are the current health food crazes touted by foodies near and far. It is a particular favorite with those seeking to reduce their carbohydrate intake, and still get wholesome grainy fiber into their diet. If you haven’t yet tried quinoa, this quinoa pilaf is a good transition recipe. Be aware that… Continue reading Creamy Quinoa Pilaf Recipe – A Lower-Carb Side Dish

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