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Pineapple Grape Coleslaw is a delightful change from traditional coleslaw. Kids love it.
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Pineapple Grape Coleslaw Recipe


Pineapple Grape Coleslaw is a favorite with kids. If you are tired of the same ho-hum coleslaw, try this delicious and colorful version sweetened with pineapple and grapes. Plan ahead to refrigerate at least 4 hours for the flavors to meld. Better yet, make it a day in advance.

Gold Rush Bars have a delicious layer of dried apricots, figs, and dates, then topped with crunchy walnuts.
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Gold Rush Bars Recipe


Gold Rush Bars are the perfect fall or year-round dessert. These scrumptious bars have a center layer of dried apricots, figs, and dates sandwiched in between buttery cookie layers.

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Maple Pumpkin Ring Recipe


Maple syrup in the batter and in the glaze give this maple pumpkin ring a special flavor. It makes a deliciously different dessert for Thanksgiving, but you will love it year ’round. Easy to make and beautiful to serve.

Bananas Foster Bars: Classic dessert of bananas and rum converted into a delicious bar cookie.
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Bananas Foster Bars Recipe


Bananas Foster Bars combines the flavors or bananas and rum. Based on the classic Bananas Foster dessert, here it has been converted into an easy bar cookie. If you need to skip the alcohol, you may substitute rum extract.

Fig Cobbler: Sweet fresh figs are an amazing contrast to an intriguing cheddar cheese crust. Yum@
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Fig Cobbler Recipe


Fig Cobbler is perfect for all those fig-lovers out there. Spiced fresh figs are topped with an intriguing Cheddar cheese pastry for a sweet and sharp combination that really works.

Strawberry Pretzel Dessert: Salty, sweet pretzel pie crust filled with cheesecake, strawberries, gelatin, and whipped cream.
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Strawberry Pretzel Dessert Recipe


Strawberry Pretzel Dessert is a childhood favorite, and it is so easy to make. This sheet pie has a pretzel crust and is filled with a fresh strawberry, whipped cream, and gelatin filling for a quick dessert. You may want to consider saving this recipe for the crust alone.

Easy Black Forest Cake Recipe: Luscious and moist with cherries and brownie mix.
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Easy Black Forest Cake Recipe


This easy Black Forest cake begins with a brownie mix and gets added chocolate chips, so be prepared for fudgy decadence. The sweet, yet tart flavor of the cherries blends perfectly with the richness of the chocolate.

Raspberry White Chocolate Muffins Recipe: A luscious marriage of raspberries and chocolate in a muffin.
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Raspberry White Chocolate Muffins Recipe


Raspberry White Chocolate Muffins will start off your day with a smile or perk up your afternoon break. Raspberries and white chocolate chips are the perfect complement in these delicious treats.